Sony HX20V Review

this is the sony dsc HX20V. its point and shoot, its boxy looking, and this one's black! i think it looks really nice it lookslike a proper camera. It's got a nice sort of shape to it and a very chunky feel it feels solidly made it feels good in the hand actually, i like… Read More »

Sony Alpha 350 Digital Camera

Alright, check out this handy piece of work. This is the Alpha 350 from Sony. This is an awesome new DSLR. It has been on the market for just a little bit, and it's pretty cool. It brings a lot of nice features up from the A100 and the A200 model. And it borrows some… Read More »

Creative Labs Vado HD 2nd Generation Pocket Video Camera Unboxing

Hi Im Jay, and you’re watching the unboxing of the Creative Labs Vado HD 2nd Generation Pocket Video Camera. Alright to give you a quick overview, this camera records 720P HD videos, has 2x digital zoom, and has an internal memory size of 8GB. Let’s get started here. Alright, Here we have the camera wrapped… Read More »

Samsung WB800F Smart Digital Camera Really Is A Smart Cookie

The Samsung WB800F Smart Digital Camera isa high-end camera that is built to shoot and discuss instantly. It allows that you zoomin with a 23mm 21x eye zoom that lowers long distances and also shoots stunning top qualityimages. The Sixteen. 3 mega pixel impression sensor and BSI CMOS sensing unit allow youto shoot in low… Read More »

Hands On Review with the Nikon D3100

Hey, it's Mike Zawadzki coming to you from Unique Photo. We just got in the new Nikon D3100. I want to tell you about some of the features,what I like and what I don't like about the camera, and who I recommend it for. Now if you remember the legendary the D40X the D60, or… Read More »

Samsung WB800F – Compact Camera With A BIG ZOOM

The Samsung WB800F can be a high-end camerathat is made to shoot and talk about instantly. It allows that you zoom in with a 23mm 21xto prevent zoom that reduces long distances along with shoots stunning high quality images. The Of sixteen. 3 mega pixel graphic sensor and BSI CMOS sensor allow you to shoot… Read More »

Ricoh PX – Which first look review

This is the Ricoh PX, Ricoh's first consumerlevel waterproof camera Now it can be plunged into depths of up to three meters, and itcan stay under water for up to an hour at a time. Now there are many waterproof camera out there,but a lot of them don't look like this. they have typically bright… Read More »